Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Smart Ways To Spend Your Rebate!

Washington is working on an economic stimulus plan. Sooner or later 116 million households are likely to see a check in their mail box. When you receive your check will you stimulate the economy or will you stash your rebate away? If you spend it, will you spend it at Wal-Mart? Remember, Wal-Mart buys most of their items from China, do you want to stimulate China's economy and fatten Wal-Mart’s wallet?
Blow it or keep it? My first impulse would be to blow it of course!! However, once the pragmatic side of "Me" rears its ugly head, the smart thing to do is to be selfish. Yes, put the money where it will do the most good for YOU!

Smart ways to spend your rebate:
Save it! Everyone needs at least$1000.00 in the bank. If you've got nothing between your regular paycheck and the bill collectors, now's the time to take action.
Consider starting a savings account. Online banks pay several percentage points more than most brick-and-mortar operations, check them out.
Do you have a retirement account? Start a 401(k) plan or a 457 account. Most employers will match 50% of your contributions into a retirement account up to a certain point.

Are you carrying a balance on your credit cards? Credit cards are expensive; use this money to pay off your high interest credit cards. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have that minimum payment each month?

Make an extra mortgage payment. $1,000 today on a 30-year, 7% mortgage would save you $4,000 over the life of the loan.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Books, Never Buy Them New!

Are you an avid reader who just can’t wait to get your favorite authors latest book? If you’re on a budget, you might want to rethink your purchases of books. New releases are fun, but at almost $30.00 a book, not practical.

Most books are only read once. If you can wait a couple of weeks to read John Grisham’s latest novel, I will probably be available in your neighborhood second hand book store at an astonishing discount. There are many on line book swaps where all you pay is a small shipping charge to swap for a great title you haven't read.

Your local library will have a copy of the best author’s new releases. Most libraries will allow you to reserve titles online and some will even deliver them to your home.

Don’t forget to check out garage sales! They are great for finding 25 Cent books!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Learn How To Haggle

Max Edison is the author of How to Haggle. In his research for the book, he learned that 90 percent of customers who haggled on everyday items were successful at least once in reducing the price of the items. Don’t avoid haggling simple because you don’t want to look like a “cheapskate”, bargaining can pay off big-time and save you hundreds of dollars.

Prepare yourself before you go shopping. Research on line the item you are interested in buying. Find out how much the item regularly sells for and how low the sale price usually goes for.

Here are five tips from Edison on how to haggle:

Offer to pay in cash. Many retailers will be willing to knock off between 3% and 4% for cash. Use the statement: “Can you do a little better if I buy today and pay in cash?”

Ask when the item goes on sale and then see if they will sell it to you today for the sale price.

Offer to split the difference. If you are stuck on one price and the manager won’t offer you that price, ask to split the difference.

Look for flaws with the item. Politely point out flaws and as for 20% off.

If the manager won’t budge on the price, ask him/her to throw in a free installation or delivery.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Want to save a few bucks and rescue items from landfills?

Check out Freecycle.org. This is a network where members list items they no longer want or need. Things on this site are not for sale, but are listed for FREE! All you have to do is pick the item up. Many great items from beds, pets, craft supplies to desks are listed daily.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is it wise to splurge on skin cream?

When it comes to skin care are expensive creams better?

According to dermatologist David Bank, M.D., expensive is not better. A $160 bottle of moisturizer probably contains the same active ingredients as a $15.00 bottle of skin cream. The active ingredients in all skin care products are usualy Retin-A, Copper, alpha hydroxy acids and vitamins. All major manufactures, including the manufactures of “low end” lotions and cosmetics develop and test their products in state-of the-art laboratories using these active ingredients.

Why then are some brands outrageously expensive? You are paying for the name, packaging and marketing. Many higher dollar lotions also contain more fragrances and preservatives, which increases the cost.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Terrific Facial Toner

Here is a soothing, cooling, inexpensive facial toner:

¼ t. honey
1 t cider vinegar
½ C distilled water
2 drops of essential oil
1 drop of sandalwood oil

Heat honey, cider vinegar and 1 T water in top of double boiler until honey dissolves. Pour into a container and add remaining ingredients. This wonderful, fragrant toner can be splashed on your face after cleansing, using a mask or scrub. The remaining solution can be stored in a cool place for up to two weeks.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Are You Spending Too Much On Oil Changes?

Is it necessary to change the oil in your car ever 3,000 miles? If your driving is “Severe”, then the answer is yes! You qualify as a “severe “driver if you make frequent short trips averaging less than seven miles, travel on dusty roads, tow a trailer, take long trips in hot weather or let your car idle for long periods of time. For “normal” driving conditions an oil change is recommended every 6000 miles, “severe” driving conditions warrants a change every 3000 miles. Experts at AAA say that changing the oil more frequently will not hurt, but NOT changing it when needed can cause serious harm to the engine.

Evaluate your driving pattern to determine if you are a “Normal” or “severe” driver and then change your oil accordingly.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Wishing everyone the best in 2008!!